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A specialist in naval architecture, Alex Whatley has more than 15 years of experience managing complex technical projects for a wide number of commercial and military clients. He is skilled in such areas as organizing and conducting stability testing, submarine structures and hydrodynamics, acoustic signature reduction management, and project management.

Military Agency Work
Early in his career, Alex held a variety of engineering and technology-related positions at the U.K. Ministry of Defence’s Naval Authority Group working on various ship and submarine projects. This includes serving as Head of Submarine Naval Architecture, where he was responsible for safety policy development and implementation, and technology and technical standards development.

Continuing Professional Development
Alex is constantly looking to increase his knowledge and skills. He has taken professional training courses in submarine design, designing for underwater shock, structural risk and reliability, fatigue and fracture analysis, submarine hydrodynamics and practical stress analysis and finite element methods.

Outside of Work
An enthusiastic yet overly optimistic do-it-yourselfer, Alex likes to tackle projects around his home. His most ambitious project was converting an extension into a kitchen / dining area, which required him to rapidly develop skills in plumbing, wiring and tiling. When not fixing things that aren’t broken, he enjoys playing squash, spending time with his family and encouraging his children’s interest in computer coding and engineering.

• Naval Architecture
• Project Management
• Military engineering
• Systems engineering