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Andrew Morrison leads MMI Thornton Tomasetti’s specialized structures team and provides risk- and performance-based engineering for a wide variety of structures and equipment. Andrew has more than 30 years of experience in the design, assessment and retrofit of structures to withstand natural or man-made hazards, including earthquakes, explosions and impacts. Using techniques ranging from hand calculations to finite element modeling to physical testing, Andrew seeks to understand a structure’s vulnerability and realistic performance requirements and uses this information to identify cost-effective approaches for reducing risk.

Broad Professional Background
Having served clients across such industries as defense, oil and gas, nuclear energy, transportation, manufacturing, banking, biopharmaceutical and professional services, Andrew has a diverse array of projects to his credit. He has worked extensively in the defense sector, ensuring the seismic safety of structures related to the U.K.’s nuclear submarine program and civil nuclear power facilities. Andrew has also undertaken a wide variety of natural hazard risk assessments and facility condition surveys for manufacturing plants around the globe. As a principal of the Register of Security Engineers and Specialists, he has taken a leading role in ensuring that critical national infrastructure assets are designed and constructed to minimize risks posed by terrorist attacks.

Outside of Work
Andrew and his wife enjoy exploring the hills and villages of Derbyshire, as well as occasional forays into more adventurous hill walking. At home, he enjoys landscaping and applying his practical skills to various garden structures.

• Structural response to extreme loads
• Blast and counter-terrorist engineering
• Seismic engineering
• Structural dynamics
• Risk-based structural engineering