My metallurgical education and professional experience, I believe, enhances my forensic toolbox.

Dan Wojnowski is a senior member of the Forensics practice in Chicago. With more than 34 years of professional experience, Dan is skilled at managing complex forensics projects, overseeing the tasks and personnel necessary to complete an investigation successfully. He specializes in commercial construction structural failures, construction accidents, site safety/OSHA incident evaluations, agricultural structural failures and building code compliance evaluations.

A Comprehensive Skillset
With a background in civil, structural and metallurgical engineering, Dan has a holistic view of investigation work. He is experienced in investigations involving a range of structures, such as commercial and residential buildings, bridges, industrial plants, mobile and stationary cranes and suspended and fixed scaffolding. Dan works with property owners and managers, insurance adjusters and attorneys. In addition to his broad technical abilities, he is a seasoned leader who has held a variety management roles during his career, including principal engineer, practice group leader and director, corporate treasurer, director of corporate operations and manager of civil and construction materials engineering.

Outside of Work
When not in the office, Dan likes to unwind by spending time outdoors boating, fishing and playing golf, accompanied by his wife and two adult children.

• Construction safety and OSHA compliance
• Failures of agricultural structures
• Commercial and residential construction evaluations
• Building code evaluation and compliance
• Premise liability and ADA accessibility