There’s no better experience than helping my design and project teammates transform an idea from a sketch into reality.”

Evan Lapointe specializes in structural engineering and physical security design for new buildings and upgrades. He is experienced in the design of reinforced-concrete and structural-steel buildings for public agencies and private clients. Evan has contributed to projects comprising an array of structures, including commercial office buildings, administrative facilities for federal agencies and contractors, embassies, courthouses, laboratories and sports, cultural and higher-education facilities. He has worked for more than 10 years on a multi-building, million-plus-square-foot luxury residential development.

Innovating in Protective Design
Evan managed the development of cost-effective design and construction methodologies for the novel implementation of an ultra-high-performance concrete material, DUCON, in two projects. The material facilitated the construction of atypically thin precast benches with architecturally complex geometries for the World Trade Center-Liberty Park project and provided blast-resistant column hardening for the renovation of a government building. These projects, respectively, represent the first use of DUCON for conventional and anti-terror applications in the United States.

Encouraging Future Engineers
In 2009, Evan started a program at MS 298 in the Bronx, New York, where he and other engineers collaborated with middle-school students to develop conceptual building designs rooted in industry practice. He has also served as an industry liaison for an engineering program at the McDonough Middle School in Hartford, Connecticut, giving presentations and serving as a consultant for the students’ water filtration projects. As a Habitat for Humanity volunteer, Evan has spent many vacations sharing engineering knowledge with high school students.

Outside of Work
Evan spends much of his free time exploring the Connecticut outdoors with his two young children. He often gladly forgoes sleep for the chance to go hiking or running in the woods. Evan also teaches Sunday school at St. James Church in Farmington, Connecticut.

• Structural analysis and design
• Blast-resistant and protective design
• Reinforced concrete design
• Structural renovations