Advances in software and technology enable extremely advanced modeling on every desktop, and comprehensive meta-analyses in realistic contexts.

Jeff Cipolla is skilled in technical innovation, project management, business development and invention. As a principal in the Applied Science practice, he has led numerous projects in computational modeling and advanced software development. Jeff’s areas of specialization include structural acoustics, acoustic cloaking and metamaterials, blast, nonlinear dynamics, finite element analysis, software development, wave propagation, and underwater explosive shock phenomena (UNDEX). He is particularly familiar with U.S. Navy and U.S. Department of Defense systems and concerns.

A Pioneer in the Field
Jeff has spent more than 20 years developing computer codes and performing calculations for the transient and time-harmonic dynamic analyses of complex, coupled structural systems such as ships, submarines, automobiles, aircraft and hardened structures. He was the principal architect of the software for Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), which assesses the relative severity of thousands of UNDEX scenarios in minutes or hours. Jeff was also the principal developer of the acoustics, heat transfer, and UNDEX features in a general-purpose finite element code.

Outside of Work
Jeff is an avid runner and gardener. He is also a photographer and collects Voigtländer and other old film cameras. Jeff likes to spend time with his dogs and enjoys hosting friends at home.

• Computational modeling
• Advanced software development
• Structural acoustics
• Acoustic cloaking and metamaterials
• Blast/underwater shock
• Nonlinear dynamics
• Finite element analysis