Kevin’s experience includes protecting new and existing structures from seismic as well as explosive hazards.

Kevin Terry, a leader in the Structural Engineering practice, has two decades of experience in structural and protective design. As a project manager and project engineer, he works closely with design teams to arrive at the most effective and economical structural, protective-design and blast-engineering solutions. His projects range from government facilities, laboratories and educational institutions to cultural venues and convention centers in locations throughout the world.

Wide-Ranging Design Expertise
Kevin has contributed to the structural and protective design of several multimillion-dollar projects, including U.S. embassies, federal courthouses, office buildings, public schools, municipal water and wastewater structures, firehouses and residential buildings. Among the high-profile projects he has designed are a federal courthouse in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. embassies in Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, Hungary and Nigeria and a number of public school facilities for the New York City School Construction Authority.

Outside of Work
A skilled sailor, Kevin enjoys spending time on the Great South Bay off Long Island. When he is not cruising on his sailboat, he likes playing golf, watching the New York Mets or Dallas Cowboys or rooting for his alma mater, the Virginia Cavaliers. He also loves traveling to and exploring new places with his family.

• Structural analysis and design
• Protective design
• Renovation
• Historic rehabilitation