Michael enjoys the challenges and potential for innovation that every new project brings.

Michael Oakland has more than 30 years of geotechnical engineering experience related to the design and construction of foundations, dams, retaining structures, slope stability, instrumentation and ground improvement. He has a broad range of expertise related to building design, infrastructure projects, pipes and tunneling, waterfront facilities and other structures.

Geotechnical Investigations & Solutions
Michael has developed geotechnical investigation programs for variuos projects, including Boston’s Central Artery and the Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant in Winthrop, Massachusetts. He works on challenging projects across the United States and internationally. Throughout his career, he has conducted explorations with both test borings and geophysical methods. Michael is highly experienced in the analysis of foundation performance using both standard and complex finite element methods.

Outside of Work
Michael relaxes by playing golf, grilling and gardening. He likes to repair and restore automobiles and motorcycles, and is working on a 1970s Yamaha motorcycle, which he is hoping to get on the road soon. He is also planning on adding a screened-in porch onto his house.

• Civil engineering
• Geotechnical engineering
• Geotechnical instrumentation
• Ground improvement
• Forensic investigations