The restoration of historic structures can be particularly gratifying. Reinventing a landmark can often help to revitalize the community around it.

As senior principal in Thornton Tomasetti’s Boston office, Stephen Lew leads teams of engineers that engage in all aspects of a project, from schematic design and design development to supervising during the construction stage. Stephen has more than 35 years of experience in structural design and project management, which includes commercial, security, public, infrastructure and historic projects as well as medical, research and educational facilities.

Diverse Experience
Stephen’s broad project portfolio includes work throughout New England, and beyond. He has used his expertise in protective design and security on many projects for the U.S. government, including courthouses, various administrative buildings, and U.S. embassies in Thailand, Egypt and Singapore.

He also has considerable experience with prominent cultural and public assembly structures, such as the Wat Nawamintararachutis Thai Temple and Meditation Center in Raynham, Massachusetts. Stephen also worked on the restoration and transformation of a historic pumping station into a visitor center on Deer Island in Boston. The team was able to save a 150-foot smokestack, deemed a seismic risk, by post tensioning the brick structure. His academic project work includes the renovation and expansion of the historic Baker Library at the Harvard Business School in Allston, Massachusetts and vibration analysis and design of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University in Palisades, New York.

Outside of Work
A U.S. National Parks enthusiast, Stephen has visited all but six of the 59 sites. He is an accomplished guitarist and has a collection of electric, acoustic, steel string and classical instruments. Stephen also collects elegant glass, a type of high-quality glassware made in the United States during the Depression era. Stephen’s adult son, Greg, followed him into the profession and is an electrical engineer. Daughter Caroline is in the education field.

• Structural analysis and design
• Protective design and security
• Seismic analysis
• Blast engineering
• Renovation and expansion