Through his specialist support and innovative approaches, Tim has helped clients de-risk and safely deliver complex and challenging projects, while achieving significant cost and schedule reductions.

Tim Ashworth has more than 20 years of experience in the analysis, assessment, decommissioning and demolition of nuclear structures, and in producing safety documentation and arguments required to support domestic and international clients through the process. His primary area of expertise is risk reduction for high-hazard facilities in the energy, heavy civil engineering, nuclear, power and defence industries. He joined Thornton Tomasetti in 2018 through the firm’s acquisition of MMI Engineering.

Facility Assessments and Decommissioning
During his career, Tim has served as technical and commercial lead on decommissioning projects for facilities in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Germany and Mexico. He was the project director for the design of a near-surface engineered disposal facility to accept all waste from past and future nuclear activities in Iraq. He has helped introduce novel and innovative approaches to support decommissioning, including the design and deployment of an ultra-lightweight, foamed grout (250 – 300kg/m3) within a radiological environment—a method that is usually used with higher densities and in environments where the performance of the material is less critical, such as for backfilling mines and voids. Tim has been responsible for securing framework and multi-million-pound design and construction tenders for client across the UK and Europe. He has provided specialist technical, commercial and forensic support to blue-chip power clients to facilitate the stabilisation, recovery and acceleration of complex, multi-million dollar power distribution projects across the globe.

Professional Contributions
Tim serves as a professional reviewer for the U.K.’s Institution of Civil Engineers and Nuclear Institute at all levels—from technician to chartered professional. He is a management team member of Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster, a private sector-led group of more than 300 firms, ranging in size from sole traders to global corporations, with business interests in West Cumbria.

Outside of Work
An accomplished football (soccer) and rugby player, Tim competed at a national level until a series of injuries curtailed his career. He has maintained his enthusiasm for fitness with weight training and regularly going to the gym. Tim also likes to travel, particularly to the Middle East, Asia and the United States.

• Civil and structural engineering
• Technical and regulatory compliance
• Decommissioning / dismantling / demolition and waste management
• Operational and strategic management
• Program and project management
• Change management and organisational development