Sustainability makes the world a better place. To be a part of that effort is satisfying and humbling.

With the firm since 2004, Vamshi Gooje advises clients on green building strategies and technologies. As head of the Building Analytics group within the Sustainability practice, he is responsible for developing new initiatives and strategic growth plans. Vamshi is experienced in providing energy analysis and sustainability consulting for a variety of projects ranging from renovations and expansions to new construction for commercial, residential and educational buildings and research facilities.

Energy Analysis Expertise
Vamshi is an expert in building science, which draws on physics, chemistry, engineering, architecture and the life sciences to create more comfortable, energy-efficient and high-performing buildings. He models whole-building energy, daylighting and thermal comfort to find optimal solutions to design challenges. He is knowledgeable in a range of energy simulation engines, including EnergyPlus, DOE 2.2 and Radiance, and stays up to date with the latest industry trends such as migration to advanced parametric modeling tools.

Outside of Work
Vamshi’s involvement in sustainability extends beyond his work. He and his family lead a simple and natural life on a farm, where they produce their own food and build their own furniture. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time gardening, taking care of the family’s ducks, camping and cross-country skiing. Vamshi also teaches Sahaja Yoga meditation as a volunteer with a nonprofit organization.

• Sustainability planning and design
• Energy analysis
• Sustainable strategies
• Building certification