200 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Ed Eckstein photo (right).



The 850,000-square-foot, 14-story commercial property, overlooking Madison Square Park in Manhattan’s historic Flatiron District, was restored and transformed to a premier Class A office building. This landmark building, constructed in 1909, is a steel-framed structure with concrete floor slabs, and masonry, terracotta and stone exterior walls.

Thornton Tomasetti provided structural engineering, historic façade restoration, exterior wall consulting for a new glass curtain wall, and façade engineering for the pre-stressed steel cable structural glass entrance. The structural alterations include widening of the existing courtyard at the lower floors creating new floors in the west portion of the courtyard from the second through the fourth floors, creating a dramatic three-story high lobby space. The elevator lobbies at the east end of the courtyard are extended for the entire height of the building. The lobbies are enclosed by a structurally glazed façade with terracotta louvers that overlook the courtyard, allowing the infiltration of abundant natural light.

The building features many sustainable design elements including light-filled vertical gardens in the courtyard that provide insulation, conserve energy and reduce storm water runoff. Many building materials and components also are locally manufactured and pre-assembled. This project received LEED Gold certification.

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Façade Materials & Systems

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Terracotta and brick façades can impart a timeless aesthetic to a building’s vocabulary. For designers who want to marry this aesthetic with new forms, façade systems that use these materials, but with better performance and at a fraction of the weight, are often the solution. Our engineers are experienced in the design of these systems. We have a thorough understanding of these systems, whether used in a traditional cavity wall, as rainscreen cladding or as a high-performing panelized system. The result is a façade that unites classical language with new technology.

Façade Materials & Systems

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Our façade engineering teams advise clients on the best way to develop both conventional and innovative façade systems, applying our knowledge of structures, glazing technology, mechanical shade systems and thermal behavior. We provide design, detailing and engineering support for enclosures of any shape or size, from minimalist to high-tech. We also provide expertise in safety and security glazing, along with glass frits and reflective coatings.

Façade Materials & Systems


Dimensioned stone panels have long been in use as cladding, but only recently have new technologies drastically reduced the material cost of using stone. Anchoring methods that allow panels to be supported individually, rather than stacked, allows reduction in stone thickness and overall façade weight. Thin layers of stone can be laminated to other stones to improve strength and durability. Very thin layers of stone can be laminated to glass to create visually stunning back-lit stone panels. We have extensive experience with all types of dimensioned stone technologies as well as relationships with fabricators and quarries that enable us to help clients define and meet their aesthetic and performance goals.