Amityville Union Free School District in Amityville, N.Y.

Amityville Union Free School District



In 2003, Thornton Tomasetti provided a five-year strategic planning and building condition assessment study for five school properties, the Central Administration Building and various ancillary buildings. Schools included: Memorial High School, E.W Miles Middle School, Park Avenue Elementary, NW and NE Elementary Schools located in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Re-roofing, masonry façade repairs, boiler replacement and Athletic Field replacement for the High School (1952) and Middle School (1962) was designed and constructed beginning in late 2006 with substantial completion in November 2007. The roof replacement area was more than 150,000 square feet for both schools and the Middle School Maintenance Garage.

We performed infra-red scans and test cuts and probes prior to preparation of design and construction documents. Building permits were issued by the NYS Education Department after design review and public bidding was conducted. The original roofing systems and asbestos flashings were encapsulated with lightweight insulated concrete fill sloped to drains as a substrate for new built-up roofing systems. Roof drains, perimeter terra cotta and cast stone copings and metal gravel stops were replaced and 60 leaking skylights were removed. Masonry façade repairs were also performed at the high school. The replacement budget was $3.0 million and the actual construction cost was $2.825 which included the 2,000-square-foot garage roof which was not in the original budget. The project began in July 2007 and was substantially completed in November 2007 slightly ahead of schedule.

We were on-site twice weekly to monitor construction, provide immediate response to RFI’s, coordinate with the contractor (same contractor for both schools) and his trades and the Owner and maintain overall quality control. Summer school classes remained in session throughout the construction. A 25-year all-inclusive roofing Warranty was issued for each School.

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