Chrysler Building in Manhattan.



Thornton Tomasetti devised a two-year, fast-track restoration of this landmark building from grade to pinnacle of the spire involving more than 75 suspended scaffold drops, industrial rope access and discrete surgical repairs to stabilize the building’s façade. The work included examining and designing repairs for deteriorated lintels and relieving angles, cracked and spalled stone and brick masonry, eroded mortar, and restoration of the 3,500 original historic steel windows including corroded window sills and deteriorated paint.

In addition to providing an initial evaluation of the building façade’s condition and extensive budget analysis, we continued working on the project throughout the repair phase. The firm’s field engineers joined the contractor’s work crews on hanging scaffolds to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the façade and map problem areas for both immediate and later repair work. Restoration continued with selective replacement of deteriorated street-level storefronts matching the original while permitting handicap access.

Deficiencies at the building’s iconic spire resulted in damage to its historic stainless steel cladding and allowed leaks to corrode internal structures. Together with Vertical Access, a firm specializing in industrial rope access and building inspections, Thornton Tomasetti performed an aggressive inspection and testing program utilizing rope-climbing equipment and techniques. This examination resulted in the design, repair and selective replacement of a few panels in the stainless steel sheet metal spire.

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