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Federation Tower Complex, Mirax City

Federation Tower 1

Federation Tower in Moscow, Russia.

Courtesy Mirax Group

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The Federation Tower Complex is on track to become the tallest building in Europe and the tallest concrete tower in the world. Rising 365 meters, this 93-story skyscraper provides accommodation for Class-A offices, a five-star hotel and luxury apartments. It will become the centerpiece of the new Moscow International Business Center.

Adjacent to the 93-story East Tower is its 64-story twin, the West Tower. A 448-meter stiletto-like, glass dressed elevator mast and spire visually unites these two sail-shaped buildings. Connecting the two towers and the mast are pedestrian bridges at 33rd and 61st floors and the observation platform at the 87th floor. The Federation Tower is the first project in Russia to utilize super high-strength concrete technology. Three levels of steel outrigger truss systems, placed at the bridge levels, distribute gravity and wind loads between the core and perimeter framing. The project is designed and constructed considering modern requirements for occupant safety in super high-rise structures.

In addition to structural engineering services, Thornton Tomasetti is also providing curtain wall consulting services and specialty glass and steel design. We have used computational geometry and Building Information Modeling techniques to develop innovative and efficient designs for the tower caps, integrating the structure with all necessary mechanical functions.

Project Stats

Location: Moscow, Russia

Owner: Mirax Group, Moscow

Architect: NPS Tchoban Voss

Client: ZAO Mirax City Moscow

Area: 3.5 million sf

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