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Lowell Sun Building

Lowell Sun Building

Lowell Sun Building in Lowell, MA.

Thornton Tomasetti

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Lowell Sun Building

Thornton Tomasetti is providing façade restoration and rehabilitation services for a low-income landmark housing for the elderly. The 10-story building was originally built in 1914 to house a newspaper operation.

Initial services included a full façade inspection, involving probes to assess the existing condition of the masonry façade and steel-framed structure. The project team identified bulging and loose masonry areas of the façade that required immediate stabilization. Subsequently, the team developed construction documents for a complete restoration, including repair and replacement of cracked masonry and lintels, stabilization of loose slate window sills, reinforcement of masonry piers, steel spandrel beams, and column rust cleaning and protection.

The project team is working with the city of Lowell Landmark Commission to preserve the aesthetics of the original design, including brick color matching. The project is currently in a stabilized phase and is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2013.

Project Stats

Location: Lowell, Massachusetts

Owner: APT Management, Inc.

Architect: Morris Switzer & Associates

Area: 180,000 sf

Completion Date: 2013