Signature Tower in Jakarta, Indonesia. Courtesy Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates, Inc.



Thornton Tomasetti is providing structural engineering services for a 111-story, 638-meter mixed-use tower that will be the tallest building in southeast Asia when completed. Located on lots six and seven of the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) in Jakarta, Indonesia, the project has an observatory at the top level, 25 levels of hotel space, 24 levels of residential, 50 levels of office space, 10 levels of retail podium that includes a conference center, a ballroom and restaurants, and six levels of basement parking and provides a total area of 593,000 square meters.

The building is located within one of the most active seismic zone in the world. Classified as Seismic Design Category D, Signature Tower presents great challenges to engineers because of high seismic reactions and extremely soft soil conditions. The primary lateral system used includes a composite core wall, composite super columns and steel outrigger trusses. The exterior mega fame includes nine steel belt trusses, six steel floor trusses and additional composite super columns that accommodate the specific requirements of the high seismic zone. Performance-based design was used to evaluate the building performance under different levels of seismic hazard, in addition to the traditional code-based design, in order to achieve an efficient and safe structure.

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For decades, our engineers have been pioneers in systems for tall and supertall buildings. From the development of the stressed-tube skin system in the 1980s to our unique design for Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower – slated to be the world’s tallest building when it’s completed – we have explored new ways to improve upon tall building design and construction.

In recent years, towers have become taller and more visually exciting, creating new structural challenges. Our knowledge and experience, augmented by leading-edge analytical and design tools, are invaluable in providing designs that are safe, comfortable, economical, sustainable and constructable.

With a portfolio that includes three previous “world’s tallest” buildings and more than 100 other high-rises, Thornton Tomasetti has unparalleled experience in tall and supertall building design around the world.