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Taipei 101

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Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Courtesy C.Y. Lee & Partners

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Taipei 101_1
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Taipei 101 Construction
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Taipei 101 features a 508-meter, 101-story tower with a unique profile, a five-story deep basement and a surrounding six-story retail structure. Thanks to tapering walls, most floor plan areas vary between 2000 and 2500 square meters (21,500 to 27,000 square feet), though they are as small as 47 square meters above the main roof. Building aspect ratio (height/width) to the main roof is about 9 based on its ‘waist’ (and 6.8 counting the wider base). The Taipei tower is equipped with the fastest elevators in the world, taking only 39 seconds to reach the observatory situated on the 89th floor: “Window of Future.”

The building is designed to open upwards, representing a blossoming flower that signifies financial richness, as well as everlasting vitality in the Chinese culture. Repeated references to the number 8 also reflect local culture. The architecture of the building relies upon the concept of inwardly slanted observatories. When used in conjunction with the high-tech, energy conserving, transparent glass materials and the innovative lighting design, the building is crystal-clear and elegant.

Our services were engaged by C.Y. Lee Architects to provide concept and preliminary designs, and to review the final structural design by the local engineer-of-record. We also responded to questions from the architect and advised the architect and owners during construction.

Project Stats

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Owner: Taipei Financial Center Corporation

Architect: C.Y. Lee & Partners

Area: 2.2 million sf

Completion Date: 2004