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We apply scientific and engineering principles to solve the world’s challenges – starting with yours. No matter your goal, we’ll help get you there.

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Defense R&D and Engineering

Our talented team of engineers, physicists and computer scientists has decades of experience in research, development and testing for government agencies and private industry.

Design Explorer

A free and user-friendly way to find high-performance structural solutions in parametric design applications.*

Embodied Carbon

We help you make decisions that reduce the life-cycle impact of building materials on climate change – without compromising performance or cost.

Emergency Response

When the worst happens, we get boots on the ground fast – and start you on the road to recovery.

Energy & Petrochemical Services

We provide specialized technical consulting services for man-made and natural hazards in the energy and petrochemical industries, delivering pragmatic end-to-end solutions to help you manage and reduce risk exposure.

ETFE & Fabric Façades

Versatile and lightweight, membrane structures are great for style, performance and budget. Our façade engineers pioneered the use of ETFE cladding – and are experts in fabric and tensioned membrane systems.

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Explosive Safety Design

When explosives are involved, managing risk is always a top priority. We can help make sure your explosive project goes smoothly and safely

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Façade Consulting

A façade is more than just exterior cladding or an outward-facing wall. It is a first impression – one that can seriously impact the functionality and aesthetic of your building.

Footfall-Induced Vibration

Using advanced analysis, we assess – and cost-effectively mitigate – the impacts of one of the most difficult-to-predict sources of structural vibration.

Framing Repair

Framing Repair makes short work of common connectivity errors in building information models.