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2019 Inclusion & Diversity Update

July 27, 2020
New York City Pride parade.
Our first Mastermind retreat took place in Denver, November 2018. It brought together 17 women from throughout the company, allowing associates to share insights on how to support each other’s careers.
Inclusion & Diversity meeting.
New York City Pride parade.
Staff members from our Boston office show support for International Women’s Day in March 2020.
New York City Pride parade.
The mastermind gathering was held in an informal setting to encourage open communication. Sessions were held in both large and small groups. Thornton Tomasetti

We’re continuing to pursue a variety of initiatives to increase inclusion and diversity. And we’re building on past successes to support and empower every employee.

Read more about Inclusion & Diversity in this year's Thornton Tomasetti Annual Report.

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2019 Career Development & Learning Update
July 27, 2020
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