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Skyscraper Day Jigsaw Puzzle Break

September 03, 2020

Whether constructed of concrete, steel and now even mass timber, skyscrapers have graced our cities’ skylines for more than a century. Constantly pushing the limits of how high we can build, these structures epitomize ingenuity and achieving what was once thought impossible.

To mark National Skyscraper Day, we challenge you to take on a slightly less daunting task of building jigsaw puzzles of some of our signature high-rise projects. These include Jeddah Tower, the first structure to reach one kilometer in height.

Conquered the heights of the future world's tallest building? Try your hand at these:

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Featured Project

VIA 57 West Unique buildings need equally unique structures. Our custom solutions deliver them cost-effectively, with built-in efficiency and resilience.

Featured Project

30 Hudson Yards How to build a 101-story, 2.6-million-square-foot office tower, the tallest at Hudson Yards, atop an operational rail yard.