Eric has more than 16 years of experience in structural and computational engineering, particularly in examining the response of structures to extreme loading.

As an analyst in the Applied Science Practice, Eric Hansen studies the response of structures to extreme loading conditions. He uses high-fidelity computational structural and fluid dynamics to investigate structural collapse, vulnerability to blast and impact loading, weapons effects on structures and structural hardening to resist blast and impact loading, often in support of the protective design of buildings and infrastructure.

Structural Analysis Expertise
Eric is versed in the investigation of the effects of vehicle-borne explosive devices (VBIED) and hand-emplaced improvised explosive devices (HEIED) on a variety of metal, concrete and masonry structures. He has investigated the impact of military weapons on below- and above-ground structures and is experienced in the design and evaluation of protection concepts for the mitigation of VBIED and HEIED explosive effects. He also has experience analyzing the effects of, and protecting against, vehicle impacts on structures.

Outside of Work
Eric is an avid runner and has completed six marathons. He also enjoys spending time in the mountains, especially climbing the high peaks of Colorado.

• Applied mechanics
• Structural analysis and design
• Protective design
• Progressive collapse
• Test Planning