Glenn led Thornton Tomasetti’s renovation work for New York City’s Roosevelt Island Tram replacement.

Glenn Thater joined Thornton Tomasetti in 1995 and is responsible for developing and supervising multidisciplinary engineering investigations, alterations, renovations and restorations of all sizes and complexities. His experience includes projects involving a wide range of conventional building types, as well as such special structures as space frames, domes, scaffolds, temporary structures, historic structures and parking structures. As part of the Renewal practice, Glenn manages project teams; coordinates and supervises the technical aspects of multidisciplinary projects; and interacts with property managers, developers and building owners.

Outside of Work
Putting aside his calculator for a pen in his spare time, Glenn is the author of a dozen fantasy and horror books. They are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes and Google Play, and several were included in Operation EBook Drop, which gave thousands of electronic books to coalition troops deployed around the world.

• Multidisciplinary alteration and renovation
• Multidisciplinary peer reviews
• Condition surveys and due diligence
• Forensic investigation