I enjoy knowing that I help provide a high level of protection to those working in government and petrochemical buildings and who may be exposed to intentional or accidental explosions.

Jim Wesevich, a petrochemical market sector leader in the Applied Science practice, has spent the last 18 years focusing on mitigating blast, fire, and toxic hazards for on and offshore petrochemical facilities. He has been responsible for the assessment and retrofitting of numerous buildings using consequence or quantitative risk assessment-based facility siting studies following OSHA and API regulations.

Petrochemical Retrofit Expertise
Jim designs creative, blast-hardened retrofits based on postulated vapor cloud explosion, toxic release, and pool or jet fire impingement scenarios that minimize interruption of building operations. He validates these designs analytically and through open-air and shock tube testing. Jim uses nonlinear single-degree-of-freedom and finite element analysis models to assess existing building components and formulate structural upgrades to protect building occupants.

Incident Investigations Specialist
Jim has extensive experience conducting incident investigations, particularly those involving vapor cloud explosions or bursting pressure vessels. He has worked for such owner/operators as BP, Amoco, Bayer, Total (Buncefield), Valero, CFI and Motiva. He is also skilled in site control, protocols, evidence collection, root cause, and expert witness investigation support.

Oil Services Hazards Mitigation Expertise
Jim has supported the oil services industry by providing blast hardened test cell design support for mitigating accidental blast and fragment hazards from high pressure and extreme temperature validation testing that simulate pneumatic and hydrostatic downhole tool conditions.

Background in Blast
Prior to his work in the petrochemical and oil services industries, Jim spent 10 years providing research, testing and design support to defeat nuclear weapons, conventional weapons and terrorist threats for a number of U.S. government agencies.

Outside of Work
Jim enjoys the fantastic music and food scene in Austin and is an avid road biker and runner. He has completed a number of 100-mile rides for charities, as well as ran several marathons.

• Blast analysis and design
• Litigation support
• Expert witness
• Linear and nonlinear finite element analysis
• Facility siting support
• Fragment hazards mitigation