For more than 30 years, John has solved problems, from blast and impact to computational optics and electro-mechanical transduction.

John Mould supervises the representation of materials in FLEX analyses and manages module development for FLEX finite element software: NLFlex for blast and impact applications, PZFlex for piezoelectric applications, EMFlex for electromagnetic wave propagation, and SpectralFlex for long-range linear and nonlinear acoustic wave propagation. John formulated the constitutive model used by the Applied Science practice for analyzing concrete and rock. He also manages and executes consulting and development projects.

Developing New Tools to Solve Problems
John applies a practical approach to problem solving. This often requires him to develop supporting software or modules that include both simplified engineering tools and high-fidelity analysis packages. To harness the power of evolving computer hardware, he oversees the development of both shared memory (OpenMP) and distributed memory (MPI) approaches, ensuring parallelism in the software. He also manages the development of fast-running engineering tools and modules. To address challenging applications that require coupled fields, he is working to enhance the coupling between the NLFlex computational structural dynamics code and the computational fluid dynamics (VCFD) code.

Outside of Work
John likes to read and enjoys outdoor activities. A devoted family man, he enjoys spending time hiking and biking with his wife and son.

• Computational mechanics
• Geomechanics
• Numerical analysis
• Structural analysis
• Constitutive modeling
• Finite element analysis