I’m interested in improving how we measure the behavior of structures in the field. To really capture what’s happening, we have to understand what to measure and how to do it accurately.

A vice president in the Forensics practice, Marguerite Pinto has more than 15 years of experience in building analysis and investigation. She specializes in advanced analytics, vibration instrumentation and modeling, structural analysis, and linear, nonlinear and dynamic finite-element modeling. Marguerite works on new and existing structures, including historic buildings, ranging from sports and public assembly facilities to office and residential buildings and bridges.

Industry Innovation
Since joining Thornton Tomasetti in 2003, Marguerite has been involved in several of the firm’s R&D initiatives. She was instrumental in the development of the fluid harmonic damper. The first of its kind, it was installed in a residential building in Brooklyn, New York, in 2016. She has done extensive work to improve methods for measuring sway in tall buildings, and has played a key role in the firm’s pioneering use of forensic information modeling (FIM).

Diverse Experience
Marguerite contributes to projects across several of the firm’s practices. She performs forensic investigations for structural failures as part of Forensics and Property Loss Consulting; provides vibration modeling for complex Structural Engineering projects, such as The Shed in New York City; and her Renewal practice contributions include analysis for renovations of historic buildings, such as the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. She is also experienced in blast and building vulnerability analysis and design for hardening schemes.

Outside of Work
Marguerite enjoys relaxing with her family, knitting, and building spaghetti and marshmallow towers at her children’s school science nights.

• Advanced analytics
• Finite-element modeling
• Forensic and structural analysis
• Vibration analysis
• Tuned mass dampers