Ross contributes to the protective-design profession by participating in several committees dedicated to advancing blast-resistant façade and disproportionate-collapse design practices.

Ross Cussen, who oversees the Protective Design & Security practice in the West region, has more than a decade of protective design experience. He specializes in security assessments and protective upgrades for a wide range of structures, including federal facilities, embassies and commercial office buildings.

Wide-Ranging Expertise
Ross manages complex structural- and blast-engineering projects for clients, ranging from private developers and institutions to state and federal government entities. Among his projects are the United Nations Headquarters renovation and the World Trade Center complex redevelopment in New York City, the Washington Headquarters Service complex in the District of Columbia and more than a dozen U.S. embassies and consulates around the world.

Outside of Work
A native of the Golden State, Ross returned to Southern California after a dozen years in the New York, Wall Street office. He still takes the subway and rides his bike as much as possible to avoid contributing to local traffic. While Ross admits there are several advantages to California living, such as hiking with his dog up Runyon Canyon and along the beach in Malibu all year long, he greatly misses New York pizza and bagels.

• Threat, vulnerability and risk assessments
• Blast resistant and physical security design
• Hostile vehicle mitigation
• Antiterrorism force protection
• Disproportionate collapse mitigation
• SAFETY Act compliance