What’s special about how we work? The passion we bring to every aspect of the job.

We add value and make lasting contributions by working collaboratively, using the best tools and fostering an environment where innovation can – and does – thrive.

  • Life cycle support
  • Collaboration drives value
  • BIM & beyond
  • We bring the whole team
  • To us, global is local

Life cycle support

Our unique suite of integrated practices, services and resources affords us an unparalleled ability to help our clients plan, design, build, maintain and renew structures of every kind.

We work with owners, architects, contractors and fabricators on design and construction of new buildings and on expansions and renovations of existing structures. We also help building owners, managers, insurers and occupants meet ongoing needs throughout the building’s life cycle.

Collaboration drives value

What is the key to successfully balancing the competing priorities present in every project? Collaboration. At Thornton Tomasetti, we don’t limit our focus to just our scope of work. Instead, we talk to teammates across disciplines to find out the critical areas of intersection. We ask questions and look beyond the obvious, searching for the unique approach best suited to each project.

We are committed to proactive collaboration, open communication and to making the complex understandable to all stakeholders.

BIM & beyond

We love BIM. Building information modeling is an ever-improving tool we use to help clients realize their goals. Having used it for decades, we’ve found that even basic BIM tools can dramatically improve collaboration, coordination, visualization and communication. But we’re also using more advanced methods for digital project design, delivery and fabrication. Computational design – parametric and generative modeling – advances creative exploration by allowing project teams to quickly view and analyze a host of concepts and variations. These tools also increase documentation speed and quality, accelerate geometry-based analysis tasks, and simplify calculation of material quantities.

We’re also pushing BIM beyond design and construction. Our forensic information modeling (FIM) services now harnesses the power of BIM to improve the way forensic data is stored, analyzed, accessed and used.

We bring the whole team

Whether it’s a new building or an existing structure, we have a team to help. Our ten integrated practices offer a range of services that yield benefits greater than the sum of their parts.

Combined expertise in sustainability, façade support and structural engineering, for example, provides a holistic understanding of how these elements affect one another in a building. Coordination between our designers and construction engineering specialists makes for more efficient construction. And lessons learned by our forensics, property loss consulting and renewal staff improve the way we design new buildings – and vice versa.

To us, global is local

Design and construction practices vary greatly by location. Different conditions, availability of materials, wind or seismic activity, and legal and regulatory environments all affect “what works” in any given place.

We have offices around the world and a breadth of international know-how that few engineering firms can match. We hire local staff with knowledge of regional design and construction cultures.

Our international presence – in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America – allows us to speed forensics and property loss consulting experts to any location anytime. Our deep bench supports fast deployment and continued presence on site until our clients’ needs are met.

  • We deliver the model
  • All project delivery methods

We deliver the model

We routinely share our models with owners, architects, contractors and fabricators because we believe this is the best way to clearly communicate project information. We also go a step further: often the model is our deliverable, provided with full right of reliance. We use building information modeling (BIM) on every project, so our designs “live” in 3D models. When traditional deliverables are required, our interoperability translators provide precise translations to 2D drawings. We also deliver models with embedded computer numerical control (CNC) data files that are used to directly fabricate a variety of building elements.

All delivery methods

Fast-track, construction manager-at-risk (CMR), design-build, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Lean Project Delivery (LPD) – we’ve done them all. We strategically apply the benefits and best practices of new methods to enhance traditional design-bid-build projects.

Our embrace of advanced building information modeling technology and our collaborative, holistic approach offer increased design and construction efficiency in all delivery methods.

  • R & D
  • Tech tools & interoperability
  • Challenging ourselves
  • Looking beyond the obvious
  • Opportunity > risk

R & D

Our R&D efforts are integrated with our CORE studio, taking advantage of staff already engaged in innovation as part of their daily jobs. We also actively seek ideas from all our people – from every location, role and level of experience – and support promising projects. This approach nurtures innovation across the firm and cultivates collaborations with clients and other partners in the AEC industry, government research organizations, academia and beyond.

Tech tools & interoperability

Automating repetitive tasks, streamlining complex analyses and achieving real interoperability between platforms allow for greater creativity and efficiency. We develop customized toolsets that let us work better and faster. We’ve built integrated structural analysis calculators; façade modeling tools that account for environmental criteria, cost efficiency and local construction constraints; plug-ins and extensions for commercially available applications; calculators for embodied carbon; and project-specific tools that expedite design.

We also created TTX, a powerful interoperability platform that can “talk” directly to multiple programs, translating data across modeling, analysis and documentation applications.

Challenging ourselves

At Thornton Tomasetti, the drive to challenge ourselves and our colleagues is deeply engrained in our culture. And it’s not limited to winning the next big project or making a profit. We challenge ourselves to find sustainable ways to operate as a business. To continually learn new skills. To help each other toward success – in whatever form it takes.

Rest on our laurels? That’s not what we do. The drive to do better is in our DNA: it’s what sets innovation in motion.

Looking beyond the obvious

Every innovation, from the incremental to the disruptive, requires viewing the status quo from a new perspective. An aptitude – and appetite – for questioning standard solutions is essential.

When our people look beyond the obvious to solve a technical question, the result is a great solution for a project. When we apply this approach more broadly, we set the stage for innovation to happen.

Seeing opportunity instead of risk

Innovation requires risk. It’s part of the package. Our response has always been to treat risk as a necessary component of opportunity. And failing to seize opportunity is a risk we’re not willing to take.

Accepting risk doesn’t mean ignoring it, though. We look at it clearly so we can mitigate and overcome it. We embrace innovation and consider unconventional solutions. Then we analyze, test and re-test.

From embracing the possibilities of computer-aided design in the 1960s, through leading the industry in the digital delivery of our projects, to the next big thing, we’ve lived by this value. The result? It has underpinned our successes and helped us create value for our clients and teammates.

CORE studio

Under the CORE R&D umbrella, our CORE studio is a firm-wide virtual incubator of ideas. Its mission is to increase the value we bring to clients through innovation. The studio coordinates R&D, develops custom software and apps, designs workflows to optimize project realization and develops computational models.

Visit the CORE website for up-to-date info on our innovation projects.

Corporate Sustainability

Thornton Tomasetti is committed to achieving sustainability in the built environment and in our business operations. We set ambitious goals for sustainability and regularly measure our progress towards these goals. We are unique among AEC firms in having a department dedicated to corporate sustainability.

We aspire to be one of the most sustainable firms in the AEC world, in the way we design our projects and in how we operate as a responsible business. In embracing this challenge, we see an opportunity to lead by example.