650 California Street in San Francisco.

650 California Street



Thornton Tomasetti performed evaluation of an 33-story building originally constructed in 1964, as part of an overall assessment conducted in the course of a due diligence study. Services included preparation of a Property Condition Assessment report recommending roofing and basement waterproofing repairs. Thornton Tomasetti also prepared Structural Assessment and Probable Maximum Loss reports, which identified seismic weakness in the column connections. Based on this assessment, Thornton Tomasetti provided column repair methodology and cost of repair estimates.

Subsequent to this evaluation, Thornton Tomasetti provided structural design for the improvement of pre-1994 (Northridge) moment frames column splices in the building. In addition to the column splice strengthening, lobby improvements and conversion of basement storage levels to parking access was also performed as part of the project and required permit approval by the city of San Francisco.

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