Al Najaf Sports Complex in Iraq. Renderings courtesy HOK.

Al Najaf Sports Complex



Thornton Tomasetti provided structural design and façade engineering services for the football stadium in Najaf, Iraq. The stadium accommodates 31,000 spectators and includes VIP premium suites and press spaces at the west side of the structure. The complex also includes two training facilities, support buildings and a parking area.

The primary structural system of the stadium consists of concrete frames that are spaced approximately 13.7 meters on center around the stadium bowl. The frames are cast-in-place concrete columns supporting beams in the radial and circumferential directions. The frames are designed as moment-resisting frames in each direction to resist lateral wind forces.

The stadium’s roof structure is steel, consisting of main cantilevered trusses spaced at 13.7 meters on center to align with exterior colonnade grid.

The seating units are made of precast, prestressed single or double units, typically with 150-millimeter-thick risers and 100-millimeter-average-thickness treads. They span to the raker beams on the radial grids and to precast vomitory walls in between the rakers at access openings to seating.

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