Archstone Clinton in Mahattan. Ed Eckstein photo.

Archstone Clinton



Archstone Clinton is a new, 650,000 square foot mixed-use development in the Clinton neighborhood on Manhattan’s West Side. The project incorporates two 27-story residential buildings containing 600 mixed-income housing units, new homes for the INTAR Theater and Ensemble Studio Theater, and 11,600 square feet of retail space. The new development also contains 29,000 square feet of publicly accessible open space, 2,850 square feet of community facility space, and 142 below-grade parking spaces.

Thornton Tomasetti was retained to provide curtain wall consulting services related to the design of the exterior walls, roofing, and waterproofing, including design review and quality control inspection. Additionally, the firm provided commissioning and indoor air quality services using the criteria established by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) voluntary rating program.

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Our façade engineering teams advise clients on the best way to develop both conventional and innovative façade systems, applying our knowledge of structures, glazing technology, mechanical shade systems and thermal behavior. We provide design, detailing and engineering support for enclosures of any shape or size, from minimalist to high-tech. We also provide expertise in safety and security glazing, along with glass frits and reflective coatings.

Façade Materials & Systems

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Glazing offers transparency that enhances a façade’s aesthetics and experience from both the interior and exterior. It provides light and a visual connection between the inside and outside. But designing with glass requires the deliberate balancing of light transmittance and the effects it has on energy performance and occupant comfort. Glazing design also requires careful consideration of material strength and safety. We provide a full range of design and engineering support for glazing and glass structures, from structural analyses to recommendations for aesthetics and energy performance. Our expertise in glazed-façade and structural-glass construction includes unitized aluminum frames, stick-built metal frames, steel cable supports, structural glass fin supports and glass stairs and balustrades.