Bassett Observation Pavilion in Saugerties, N.Y.

Bassett Observation Pavilion



The Bassett Observation Pavilion project, located in Saugerties, is a unique fusion between environmental art and sustainability. The site will be in a wetland habitat, whose purpose is to create a sustainable haven for native wildlife. The architect’s vision is for the teepee-inspired observation pavilion to be partially covered and camouflaged as a series of leaves to enable up-close study of the wildlife in the area.

Thornton Tomasetti is designing a new, innovative metal highpoint sail roof structure constructed from a stainless steel metal mesh made of super- thin triangles riveted together and suspended like fabric from three interior, supporting wooden poles that hold the top bail-ring. The local bearing connection between the triangles, which is currently being tested in Germany, is a first of its kind and one that we hope to adapt to future skin projects. It uses local enhancement rings, laser-welded to the base material.

Thornton Tomasetti’s unique services combine façade and fabric engineering with the structural engineering aspects necessary to design this project, also using 3D-parametric mapping techniques for shape automation. Detailed drawings, specifications, and erection documents will be developed for the pavilion with regard for the unique technical, environmental and aesthetic requirements.

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