China Construction Bank in Shenzhen, China. Rendering courtesy Morphosis Architects.

China Construction Bank



China Construction Bank Corporation (CCB), one of the “big four” banks in the People’s Republic of China, is opening a new 43-story headquarters to support their branch in Shenzhen. Thornton Tomasetti provided façade engineering, through design development, and structural engineering, through schematic design for the project.

The building’s façade is intended to connect the tower to its natural environment. A smooth transition from the building’s flat site to the top of the tower is provided by a six-story undulating base of horizontal concrete clad bands that wrap around the structure. Above levels feature a curtain wall articulated by the aluminum sunshades.

Using Grasshopper and Diva, Thornton Tomasetti assisted the architect to design a sunshade system that optimizes daylighting while controlling solar heat gain. Using Advanced Computational Modeling enabled iterative studies that evaluated design intent while meeting performance goals. The lower sunshade system is intended to be constructed of high-performance, fibre-reinforced concrete cladding supported by an aluminum subframe that is attached directly to the tower’s principal curtain wall system.

China Construction Bank
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