Doha International Airport Cargo Warehouse Facility in Qatar. Courtesy Ghafari Associates.

New Doha International Airport Cargo Warehouse Facility



Thornton Tomasetti is serving as lead structural consultant to the design-build team for a one-story, 850,000-square-foot cargo warehouse facility at Doha’s new replacement airport. As part of its services, Thornton Tomasetti is performing a peer review of the facility’s structural design.

A main feature of the cargo warehouse facility is a partial mezzanine to support an automated warehouse storage and retrieval system. Other components of the project are high-bay storage areas, work stations for make-up and breakdown of unit load devices (ULDs) and storage areas for special cargo.

The facility will have the capacity to process 750,000 tons of cargo per year, making it one of the 20 largest cargo facilities in the world.

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