Exelon Pavilions in Chicago, Illinois.

Exelon Pavilions



Exelon Pavilions consist of two 6,000-square-foot black minimalist towers that function as welcome centers to Chicago’s Millennium Park. The towers, which are LEED Silver, provide orientation to the park, serve as venues for special exhibitions, and provide access to public parking beneath the park.

The pavilions’ exterior visually expresses its green design. The exterior envelope is a multilayered skin, with an outer recycled aluminum curtain wall within which are mounted customized monocrystalline photovoltaic modules and insulated glass, making it the first curtain wall in the Midwest to generate electricity. Behind the modules is space for the convective air cycles. The roof is waterproofed with a heat-reflective thermoplastic membrane. Interior finishes and construction materials derive from renewable resources. The exterior canopies are partly lit by ground lights that operate on photocells.

Situated between the pavilions is the Joon W. and Irving B. Harris Theater for Music and Dance, another Thornton Tomasetti project.

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