Export Development Canada Head Offices in Ottawa. Courtesy Chmiel Architects.

Export Development Canada Head Offices



We provided architectural acoustic, noise and vibration services at the 16-story head offices building for Export Development Canada at 150 Slater Street in Ottawa. The project involved several types of analysis and design to optimize the acoustical performance of a variety of interior spaces.

We worked with the project team to establish design criteria for acoustic privacy in executive offices and designed partitions to meet challenging acoustic isolation requirements. Meeting rooms, training-center spaces and a sizeable boardroom also demanded a high degree of noise isolation. The boardroom’s simultaneous-translation booth needed both visibility and a high degree of privacy. We designed both the glazing and doors for high noise isolation. Meeting rooms designated for teleconferencing were given a higher degree of sound absorption for proper speech intelligibility.

Our design for open office areas focused on providing very good speech privacy for individual work stations. This required sound masking elements in addition to the usual of room-acoustics strategies for open office space.

One large meeting room was configured to accommodate a 50-person teleconference as well as 80 non-participants. Our acoustical design was tailored to complement the selected videoconference system while still functioning well as a normal meeting room. Our solution included extensive acoustic treatment for the walls and ceiling, as well as a specially designed sound-reflective center ceiling to assist whenever non-reinforced sound is used.

We also carefully analyzed the second-floor fitness center for activity-induced vibration and sound propagation into adjacent spaces, including the floor above. We provided a design that provides a high degree of noise and vibration isolation.

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