General bridge inspections in New York in 2017-2018. Bess Adler / Thornton Tomasetti

General Bridge Inspection – 2017-2018



Thornton Tomasetti is performing biennial, interim and special inspections in Brooklyn and Staten Island for the New York State Department of Transportation’s (NYSDOT) 2017-2018 inspection cycle. During this cycle, 421 bridges with 2,200 spans will be inspected. The work includes structural and safety inspection, report preparation in accordance with the AASHTO Bridge Element Inspection Manual, inventory verification and updating, Level 2 load ratings, and other ancillary tasks. This includes the initial inspection of the new Kosciusko Bridge – New York City’s first cable-stayed highway bridge. The inspection serves as a baseline for future inspections of this complex structure. Thornton Tomasetti assisted NYSDOT in developing specific guidelines used to prepare the bridge record and inventory of its components. Challenges include coordination with various agencies such as the New York City Department of Transportation, Long Island Rail Road, New York City Transit and Staten Island Rapid Transit, performing nighttime inspections, and conducting emergency inspections as requested by NYSDOT.

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