George Washington Bridge PIP Helix Ramp Replacement in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

George Washington Bridge PIP Helix Ramp Replacement



Thornton Tomasetti designed Bridge 79, which is one of three structures that will be replaced under the Palisades Interstate Parkway (PIP) Helix Ramp Replacement project. The existing bridge is a two-span, simply supported structure that accommodates the curved roadway alignment with straight girders on tangents with varying fascia overhangs. For the new design, we initially investigated the feasibility of eliminating the center pier and replacing the structure with a single-span curved girder bridge. However, the tight radius and long span coupled with the severe skew of the existing abutments that will remain proved to be structurally problematic.

The new structure will be a single-span bridge consisting of straight girder framing with an additional triangular shaped section to support the large overhang at the north end of the east fascia. Challenges of the new design included detailing the deck and barrier to accommodate the curved roadway on a trapezoidal shaped deck and ensuring fit-up and constructability of the tightly skewed framing on the northeast corner. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2016.

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