Kiener East Parking Garage in St. Louis, Mo. Right image courtesy MissourisPhotographer (Flickr).

Kiener East Parking Garage



Thornton Tomasetti served as the engineer-of-record for the restoration of
the 40-year-old Kiener East Garage in St. Louis, Missouri.

Significant deterioration observed within the precast concrete ribbed façade
panels, and their exposed steel connections to the parking decks, resulted in
the temporary stabilization of the panels using post shores and cable
restraints, along with the installation of a temporary sidewalk protective
canopy around all four elevations of the garage that occupies a full city block.

Material testing of the precast concrete material indicated that there was no
air entrainment within the ribbed areas, which were cracked and spalling at
many locations throughout the garage. In addition, the four-inch-thick panels
and eight-inch-deep ribs contained surface carbonation up to one and one-eighth
of an inch. Compounding the precast concrete material deficiencies
was corrosion of the connecting steel angles and anchor bolts, which caused
localized cracking and spalling of the panels and lightweight concrete curb

After arriving at schematic solutions to either replace or redesign and restore
parts of the precast panel façade, it was found that the most cost-effective
solution was to remove the panel ribs and install a new anchoring system,
together with a new cable and chain link fence barrier system. The new cable
and fence system will also provide both vehicular and pedestrian restraint to
meet current building codes. Concurrent with the façade renovation, panel
concrete restoration will also be performed to restore the lightweight concrete
curb system.

Now that the façade restoration is complete, the exterior skin of the building
will perform the same as new, with a useful life of more than 40 years.

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