Logan Airport Terminal E & A, Viaduct and Roadway



Logan Airport Terminal E’s building area was doubled and a viaduct was built to provide curbside vehicle access at the third level. We conducted several preliminary studies to determine the most cost-effective structural system, integrating seismic and anti-terrorist blast protection with international terminal program requirements. Based on these studies, we provided final designs for the deep foundation system, the South Addition structural steel system, and the viaduct in front of and to the west of the South Addition. The straight 4 land frontage roadway portion, designed by our Transportation team, consists of abutting prestressed precast concrete boxes with a composite concrete topping. It is supported on 12 bents and is jointless for its entire 685-foot length. The connecting exit ramp to the west, also designed by Transportation engineers, is a curved post-tensioned cast-in-place box that carries two lanes of traffic on three spans for 225 feet before it splits.

The new Delta Terminal A complex comprises two large terminals, a connecting pedestrian/utility tunnel, two elevated pedestrian bridges linked to existing elevated walkways and a new departures level viaduct, all within a completely reconstructed site. Nine separate construction document packages were issued as a result of the aggressive fast-track design schedule. The departures viaduct, designed by our Transportation team, is a 15-span, 4-lane highway superstructure, founded on deep large-diameter, reinforced concrete drilled shafts. The 11 straight spans in front of the terminal consists of pre-stressed precast box beams with composite concrete topping. The exterior two spans on each end are cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete superstructures. As structural engineer of record, we were responsible for preparing the contract documents for the phased demolition of the existing five-story, post-tensioned concrete building terminal building.

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