The Mullins Center in Amherst, Massachusetts. Courtesy Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism / Flickr (right).

University of Massachusetts, Mullins Center



We provided structural engineering services for the Mullins Center, a multipurpose arena and a convocation center consisting of two buildings: a main arena and a smaller convocation center.
The main arena is a 10,000-seat multipurpose enclosed structure used for hockey, basketball, performing arts and miscellaneous media events. We designed this space to convert into a 3,500-seat theatre with a 30- by 60-foot proscenium stage and fly space.

To meet the architectural requirement for a pitched roof, our team used cantilevered end-trusses to allow for further setback of the interior support columns without increasing the main truss span. The resulting clear-span roof had a steel weight of less than 22 pounds per square foot.

The arena connects via pedestrian plaza to a one-story convocation center, which also houses a practice hockey rink.

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