NAC Control Room Blast-Hardening Retrofit in Port Arthur, Texas.

NAC Control Room Blast-Hardening Retrofit



We developed detailed structural retrofits for blast hardening of the NAC building at a Total refinery. The NAC building is a single-story, load-bearing masonry structure consisting of eight-inch thick unreinforced and reinforced CMU walls that support gravity roof loads and act as shear walls. The existing roof system was a non-composite steel deck supporting approximately three inches of concrete, supported by open-web steel joists.

We validated and modified the blast loads to more accurately reflect the applied blast loads on the structure. The upgrade was designed in accordance with Design of Blast Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE, 2010). All structural components were designed to meet the Medium Response criteria set forth by ASCE.

Blast-resistant structural upgrades included strengthening the reinforced and unreinforced CMU walls and adding a cap roof, designed to resist blast loads, above the existing roof structure. Our design minimized down-time and interruptions to operations inside the building.

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