Nova, Victoria, Building 5 in London. Sergio De Gaetano / Thornton Tomasetti.

Nova, Victoria, Building 5



Thornton Tomasetti provided façade engineering services to the owner from schematic design through construction for this 13-storey residential building, which is part of a seven-building
master plan for the Victoria area in central London, formerly known as Victoria Circle.

The Nova Building 5 contains 170 private residences, with retail units at ground level and represents luxurious city centre living in a beautifully engineered statement building,
overlooking the gardens of neighbouring Buckingham Palace.

The façades feature Portland limestone cladding with a six millimetre open joint and random course, architectural precast concrete elements, GRFC cladding and glazing to the highest quality and performance. The materials have been orchestrated to articulate and make legible the various component parts of its architectural composition and their contextual relationship.

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Façade Materials & Systems

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Façade Materials & Systems


New technologies have transformed concrete – traditionally a heavy material used for structural elements – into a material that can be used on façades. When reinforced with glass fiber, concrete makes lightweight cladding panels that provide the textures of traditional material with a new flexibility of use. Precast concrete offers efficient panelization and range of finishes and embedment options such as brick or stone. We have experience applying these systems and can use that knowledge to help our clients select the most effective solution for their project.

Façade Materials & Systems

Glazing & Structural Glass

Glazing offers transparency that enhances a façade’s aesthetics and experience from both the interior and exterior. It provides light and a visual connection between the inside and outside. But designing with glass requires the deliberate balancing of light transmittance and the effects it has on energy performance and occupant comfort. Glazing design also requires careful consideration of material strength and safety. We provide a full range of design and engineering support for glazing and glass structures, from structural analyses to recommendations for aesthetics and energy performance. Our expertise in glazed-façade and structural-glass construction includes unitized aluminum frames, stick-built metal frames, steel cable supports, structural glass fin supports and glass stairs and balustrades.

Façade Materials & Systems


Dimensioned stone panels have long been in use as cladding, but only recently have new technologies drastically reduced the material cost of using stone. Anchoring methods that allow panels to be supported individually, rather than stacked, allows reduction in stone thickness and overall façade weight. Thin layers of stone can be laminated to other stones to improve strength and durability. Very thin layers of stone can be laminated to glass to create visually stunning back-lit stone panels. We have extensive experience with all types of dimensioned stone technologies as well as relationships with fabricators and quarries that enable us to help clients define and meet their aesthetic and performance goals.