One John Street in Brooklyn. Courtesy Alloy Development.

One John Street



One John Street is a 12-story, luxury waterfront residential building located next to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The first floor is home to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum Studio, which features an educational exhibit highlighting the building’s environmental strategies.

Thornton Tomasetti provided energy modeling, building science analysis and LEED consulting services under NYSERDA’s New Construction Program for the development. The sustainability team was involved since the beginning of the design phases to strategize sustainable initiatives and help the building achieve LEED Gold certification.

Sustainable features include several cost and energy-saving solutions such as the installation of high-efficiency, heat-recovery ventilation, an air-tight envelope, use of locally-sourced and recycled materials like FSC wood floors and cabinets and LED high-efficiency lighting. The building’s water fixtures were selected to reduce water demand by 30 percent and will equate to an energy savings of approximately 24 percent less than code. Thornton Tomasetti also implemented a selection of high performance glazing with a triple-pane window system to improve the acoustics and thermal envelope of the building.

Services included analyses and implementation of a cogeneration plant and a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system, a highly efficient system that transfers heat throughout the building via a load-sharing method. If one section of the building gets more sun and heat, the system adjusts sending heat to a part of the building that may be colder because of shade. The cogeneration plant generates electricity and transfers waste-heat to the building’s domestic hot water supply. Combined with low flow fixtures, the strategy dramatically reduces the amount of energy and water associated with residential domestic hot water usage.

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