The Studio Art Hall at Pomona College in California. Bess Adler / Thornton Tomasetti.

Pomona College, Studio Art Hall



Oriented around a large, central courtyard with exterior corridors and cantilevering occupied spaces, the Studio Art Hall is designed to facilitate dynamic interaction among students from
all the Claremont Colleges.

The two-story, 35,000-gross-square-foot building is located between the existing Seaver Theatre and Bridges Auditorium, and includes studio space for painting, drawing, sculpture, digital arts, photography and video. Classrooms, gallery space, faculty offices and a lecture hall provide much-needed space for student and faculty artists of all disciplines.

The Studio Art Hall’s lateral system consists of ordinary concentrically braced frames with concrete floor slabs on the second floor. At the roof, cantilevered beams span nine feet to 17 feet to allow for an open courtyard while providing shading and natural light into the building. The curved geometry of the roof is created by a diagrid of exposed steel beams and laminated veneer lumber joists.

The hall, which is LEED Gold certified, features solar photovoltaic panels, natural lighting and solar hot water heaters.

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