Roofing failure, investigation and repair work for Warehouse Building C at the Port of Wilmington in Delaware. Mark Coggin / Thornton Tomasetti.

Port of Wilmington Warehouse Building C Roofing Failure, Investigation and Repair



A storm that occurred on May 11-12, 2008, caused the failure of a newly installed roofing system atop this 150,000-square-foot, one-story refrigeration facility. The failure caused damage to mechanical rooftop equipment and roof hatches and permitted water infiltration into the interior of the building. Thornton Tomasetti was retained as part of an emergency response effort and to perform a cause and origin investigation regarding the roofing failure. We evaluated the damage to the mechanical systems and building structure and designed and observed the installation of a replacement roofing system for the facility. Our scope of services also included the design of a replacement parapet wall, roof drains and roof access ladders. The selected replacement roofing system was a fully ballasted single-ply EPDM on tapered insulation.

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