Project Glacier in Volo, Illinois. Courtesy Gensler.

Project Glacier



Thornton Tomasetti provided structural engineering for a project to construct a new data center for a major financial services company. The client wanted to consolidate work dispersed among other data centers in Illinois and better support its nationwide network with the latest in high-speed communications, data storage and retrieval technology. The new, 150,000-square-foot facilities store secure information about deposit accounts, as well as small business and corporate loans.

Structural Considerations
To help meet the client’s needs, Thornton Tomasetti incorporated a number of structural solutions. Our engineers designed roof structure hanging loads to support piping for computer servers and equipment. We also coordinated extensively with the foundation system designers to accommodate the large amounts of electric conduit that were placed in trenches below the floor slab.

Designed to Last
The buildings were designed according to International Building Code (IBC) category C to ensure that the structural design included blast considerations.

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