Rehabilitation of the Queensboro Bridge in New York.

Queensboro Bridge Rehabilitation



Thornton Tomasetti is providing design and construction support services for the reconstruction and related improvements of the upper deck system in the main spans of New York’s Queensboro Bridge. Replacement of 200,000 total square feet of roadway deck, which underwent years of overloading, will entail significant challenges, including the selection of a lightweight but durable replacement that will extend the service life of the structure. To meet this goal, our design team specified a steel orthotropic deck with a polymer overlay wearing surface.

Maintenance and protection of traffic during this major rehabilitation pose considerable challenges as well. Among the bridges that span the East River, the Queensboro Bridge services the highest volume of traffic, averaging 170,000 vehicles and 800 cyclists/pedestrians per weekday. An extensive traffic study, consisting of a field inventory to document traffic data, turning movements, travel times, travel delays and general conditions of the connecting ramps and the Manhattan-Queens connecting roadway system, produced the data necessary to develop an Aimsun traffic model. This model helped establish a number of MPT scenarios and identify the construction staging option that would produce the least disruption.

Design of the improvements will respect the history and character of the bridge, which has been designated a historic landmark by both the National Register of Historic Places and the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. The project, currently in final design, is on a fast-tracked schedule.

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