Left, rigging for the 43rd Annual Country Music Awards, Nashville; right, rigging for an Oprah Winfrey event at the United Center, Chicago.



Thornton Tomasetti has provided structural rigging load evaluation services for a many of the large touring concerts, shows and special events at numerous venues across the country including the Country Music Awards at the Sommet Center in Nashville, TN, the Superbowl XL halftime show, 2009 Final Four Temporary Scoreboard, and concerts featuring the Rolling Stones, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Paul McCartney, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and many more.

As the concerts and events have become more elaborate, with various uses of lighting, sound video and special effects, the hung loads for these events have become heavier and spread over larger areas. In some cases, the total proposed rigging load may exceed the previous rated capacity for the roof structure and/or rigging grid members or spread beyond the rigging grid. It is imperative that the capacity of the rigging grid and roof structure are analyzed and thoroughly reviewed for heavy shows.

Thornton Tomasetti evaluates the capacity of the roof structures and rigging grids to determine whether the show can be installed as proposed. When proposed loads exceed the roof carrying capacity, we provide options to redistribute or reduce loads to prevent overstressing the overall roof structure or any individual member. Upon completion of review and examination we provide confirmation that the show loads can be accommodated along with a rigging bridle plan specific to the show and the venue as well as on-site observation as needed.

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