SandRidge Energy Site Canopy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Rendering courtesy Rogers Marvel Architects.

SandRidge Energy Site Canopy



Thornton Tomasetti performed structural design services, including foundation elements, for a 4,600-square-foot canopy structure and that shades outdoor space at SandRidge Commons, a corporate and civic campus in downtown Oklahoma City. The 34-foot sunshade is constructed of 1.5-inch steel plate sections and features a 50-foot cantilever supported on two tapering triangular steel columns. The canopy is designed to allow light to filter through perforations in the winter but still provide shade in the summer, based on the sun’s location.

The structure supports flood lighting to illuminate an adjacent tower, internal lights to accentuate the canopy’s features and theatrical lighting for events held under the canopy. It was also designed for rigging loads and with special brackets to hoist rigging trusses, lights and sound systems.

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Specialized Structural Engineering Expertise

Long-Span Structures

A long-span roof or cantilevered canopy is often a defining architectural element. These large, highly articulated structures must satisfy an array of aesthetic and functional demands. They are often expected to appear weightless while supporting heavy operational equipment. Increasingly, they also support critical components of a building’s sustainability program such as solar panels and green roofs. The use of translucent cladding means the underlying structure can be seen from both the inside and outside, so it requires extra care to achieve the desired aesthetic criteria.

Our structural engineers draw upon years of design experience, construction knowledge and understanding of architectural, mechanical and other requirements of long-span structures. We apply the analytical power of our computational design tools and confer with in-house façade engineering, sustainability and construction engineering' specialists, who provide valuable multidisciplinary perspectives. This integrated approach maximizes our ability to deliver elegant, economical, sustainable and constructable long-span structures.