Soccer Stadium Roof Study. Courtesy HKS, Inc.



Thornton Tomasetti completed two structural concept designs of four roof options spanning 275 feet by 400 feet. The concepts, two fixed roofs and two retractable roofs, were modeled in SAP using nonlinear analysis techniques and imported directly into Revit using in-house translation tools.

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Façade Materials & Systems

ETFE & Fabrics

The use of lightweight membrane structures can enhance design, budget and building performance – but only if their attributes are considered early in the design process. With the ability to span great distances, these systems are used in dynamic and sculptural forms and can be quickly modified to meet changing weather-related or programmatic needs by adjusting shading, thermal and aesthetic characteristics. Our façade engineering consultants are experts in the application of ETFE, fabric and tensioned membranes, from concept evaluation to integration of these lightweight systems into building skin designs.